CLEVER (Creative Leadership & Entrepreneurship - Visionary Education Roadmap), an initiative led by the Innovation Center ACT Shenkar with the participation of a consortium of 15 institutions from Israel and from Europe, is a funded project by the European Commission (EACEA) under the Erasmus+ Programme, for a period of 3 years (2015-2018).

In an era where global labour markets are in constant change, the 'Creative Industries' and the 'Creative Economy' are evolving concepts based on creative assets potentially generating economic growth and development.

The Creative Industries comprise of a large variety of knowledge-based creative fields, including the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion, Design, Architecture and many more. The traditional focus in this sector of finding employment has been replaced by the concept of career planning skills, entrepreneurship and management.

Europe has recently performed some major steps towards incorporating design and creativity in its innovation systems and growth roadmap.
CLEVER aspires to benefit from this European experience, to learn the success indicators of the European system and adapt them to the local economy and Higher Education Institutions


CLEVER aspires to be the catalyst of change in the creative industries higher education as well as the creative economy eco-system in Israel. Thus, the main goal of the project is to enable a state of affairs in Israel where the creative industries play a larger role in local (and global) economic life and where the Israeli labour force in this industry is experiencing an advanced multi-faceted labour market.

Gathering and preparing data and
recommendations to support governmental
and legislative change for the CI economy.

To create favourable economic conditions
for the growth of the Creative Industry
through governmental and nongovernmental
support. Overall, the projects aims to start the
implementation of change and intervention.

To shape a new generation of creative
leaders and entrepreneurs that take an active
role in the economy and society as global
creative citizens as well as help them to
maintain life-long careers and mobility in the
labour market.

To align the Israeli Higher Education System
with global economic changes by integrating
leadership and entreperenurial skills relevant
for the local economy into Israeli CI HEIs.