Creative Industries in Israel – Two first studies highlighting the economic potential of the  creative industries

(June 2016, April 2019)

"Creative Industries in Israel and worldwide consist of a broad range of creative sectors, including industrial sectors such as advertising and marketing, broadcasting, the film industry, Internet and cellular content, music, publishing and computer and video games, and sectors of lesser industrial nature such as performing arts (theater, opera, concerts and dance), museums as well as library services.  In addition, we could include the craft, fashion, and design industries within the creative industries.  The creative industries are knowledge-based and labor intensive, generating employment and capital.  By fostering creativity and encouraging innovation, societies hope to preserve their cultural diversity and enrich their economic performance.
Although the creative industries influence the labor market, there are also difficulties, hindering those individuals who would otherwise have been interested in entering these industries."

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Creative competitive advantages: How companies can create profitable business prospects by collaborating with creative partners

(Center for cultural and Experience Economy)

It Works! 
In the handbook you will find 20 examples of companies that have acquired creative competitive advantages.

The examples stem from the projects that were funded by grants from CKO - Center for Cultural and Experience Economy from 2009 to 2012.
What they have in common is that they belong outside the boundaries of the mainstream experience professions, such as fashion, design, food culture, computer games, architecture and music.
In short, the aim of the overall project has been to find companies within the manufacturing and service areas whose primary business is not to provide experience products and services, but who could benefit from integrating experience economy in their business activities.

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Creative competitive advantages


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